Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cushing Dyes & Dorr Natural Wool for sale...

I don't have photos of these two sale items, but I think you all know what they look like.  

SOLD - thank you!  First up.  I have 5 yards of Dorr natural wool available to sell.  I will sell it as one piece - if you're the early bird - or in 1 yard increments.  $75.00 for 5 yards...or $15.00 per yard.  Shipping included. 

SOLD - thank you!  Also, I have some Cushing's Perfection Dyes that need a new home.  The last time I bought dyes was 3 years ago, so I've had these since then (surely, some of them were bought longer ago than that).  The packets are still sealed...they have not been opened.  I have 41 packets...selling as a lot only.  $35.00 including shipping.  Last I knew, these were selling for $3+ per packet, so to get all of these for less than $1.00 per packet is a great opportunity!

Here are the colors (one each unless otherwise noted):
American Beauty, Aquagreen, Aqualon Blue, Aqualon Yellow, Buttercup Yellow, Chartreuse(2), Coral, Dark Green, Egyptian Red, Garnet, Khaki(2), Lavender, Medium Brown, Mulberry, Nugget Gold(2), Old Ivory, Peach, Plum, Purple, Reseda Green(2), Royal Blue, Salmon, Seal Brown(2), Sky Blue, Tan(2), Taupe(2), Terra Cotta(3), Turkey Red(2), Turquoise, Turquoise Blue, and Wine. 

Email me here if you're interested in either of these two items...or in any of the books in the previous post.

I'll be listing woolens later today.   
Thank you for stopping by!