Thursday, October 30, 2014


Wow!  I had no idea that I had not posted here for so long.  Shame on me.  

But, I do have some exciting news!

I posted this on The Chocolate Puppy's facebook page the other day:

I am so very excited and pleased to announce that Cathy of Pink Petunia Cottage Dolls and I are working together to make dolls!!! Cathy loves making the dolls and I love dressing this should be a fun and exciting collaboration for both of us!!! I've known Cathy for 5 years...since I won her first 'scraps' giveaway. We have dogs and quilting in common (big surprise there, I know), and now dolls! Cathy is a very special person and I treasure her friendship.

So, here's a peek at what our first doll is looking like...say hello to Fiona! Her hair needs some help and I am not finished 'dressing' her, yet.  I should be done in a few days.  

 How do you like her?

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Looking Ahead...

I am so looking forward to winter being over...and will rejoice when the weather warms up!  With that in mind, I am going to skip right over making winter clothes and concentrate on spring apparel.  Good idea, hey?

This hooded coat is the first item finished.  I am very happy with it.  Like the gray wool coat in the previous post, the pattern is to be found here:  NobbyOrganics Etsy Shop.

creamy yellow dotted with creamy yellow lining

closeup of button closure

More to come!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Forward Moving!!

At last...the holiday season is over...things that were affecting my productivity have been settled...I am able to move forward...and forward I will be moving!!!

I finished a coat today...

I used a gray wool from my stash (former rug hooker, here) and made this hooded coat with a red print cotton lining...
I purchased the pattern from NobbyOrganics Etsy Shop.  This pattern fits an 18-20 inch doll.  

More to come!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Delays, delays, delays...

I have been doing nothing but
making Christmas gifts.

If you're interested in what I've 
been working on, click here

I will get back to the
doll clothes making business
after the holidays. 


Happy Holidays!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

It's All In The Details...

It's been a long time at my drawing board.  Testing out ideas...seeking my style.  At last...I have an outfit I am proud to make and sell.  

A simple top with raglan sleeves...modified to have a neckline edge with a bias strip...tucks rather than elastic around the neckline.  Tucks on the for more detail...a double line of sewing on the hem.  Pants shortened to be pantaloons with elastic around the leg edges...with the same tucks...and the same top-stitching. 

This one is my test model, so is not for sale.  Aubrey is happy to be my model if it means she gets to keep the clothes!  ~grin~ 

However, I will be making these playsets out of various fabrics to place for sale in my Etsy shop.  

Now that I have an idea of what I want my style to be, I will be adding other items as well.

Hope you're having a great weekend!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

New Adventure!

This blog will be undergoing some major changes in the next little while.  I just opened a Facebook page for The Chocolate new business adventure!  

Now that I am retired (YAY!), I will be spending my time doing what I love...sewing.  Doll clothes and accessories for the Waldorf-inspired dolls.  You may remember that my blogging friend, Cathy, began making dolls a few years ago.  She is Pink Petunia Cottage Dolls...if you've not seen her work, you must go visit.  She has totally inspired me to do this.

I have ideas and plans galore!

Stay tuned!

Monday, June 17, 2013


June 29.  Edited to add:  I have removed the sold pieces.  The ones shown below are still available.

I have finally gotten these listed.

Again, please read carefully.

Please remember that colors show differently on different monitors.  And, my camera doesn't always read colors accurately.  If you have questions, please ask.  I used mostly Dorr natural wool when I overdyed wool, and the majority of the textured pieces were purchased from Mary Flanagan or Rebecca Erb.   

I will take PayPal payments only, so please be sure you have an active PayPal account.  (On a rare occasion, I will make special arrangements.  Email me here if you have a question about that.)   If you see something that you would like, be sure to let me know right away, as this is 'first come, first served'.  Comments are disabled, so contact me via email...HERE.  

I can only approximate shipping, so will invoice you the actual total of your woolens plus shipping via PayPal once I have shipped your package.  All packages will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail.  

No returns, no refunds. 

Be sure to use the 3 digit code when ordering each bundle you desire.  There is only one of each of the bundles available.

Any questions? 

edited to add:  When you know which woolens you would like,  all you need do is click on the email HERE link and email me the code numbers.  That's all.  Easy Peasy.  No need to go through PayPal until you pay for your purchase, which is after I ship it and have the total of your purchase and the actual shipping cost.

$4.00 - Thicker/suitable for very wide cuts or penny rugs.
$8.50 - 23 x 60

$12.00 - 34 x 58
$11.50 - 34 x 55.

$4.75 - 24 x 32

S2.00 - 18 x 28 (must be cut, cannot be torn)

$12.00 - 34 x 60 rust plaid

$12.00 - 33 x 56 - Mary Flanagan wool, works with thin-cut strips, too

Thank you in advance!!