Sunday, October 3, 2010

Saltbox Wooden Basket, Patterns, & Unfinished Baskets...

I ran across a few patterns 
today that need to go.

Blessing the Labrador Retriever.
10 x 12 inches.
Dogwood Hooked Art.
Monk's Cloth.
SOLD - thank you!

Flying Boxer.
Brown Dog Prims (that's me!).
~16.5 x 22 inches.
Dorr natural linen.

Flower Runner.
Jennifer Gaston (therughookingstore).
~8 x 21 inches.
Monk's cloth.
SOLD - thank you!

Free shipping on patterns.

Saltbox Wooden Basket.
9x9 inches.
$37.50 including shipping.
(this will ship UPS)

edited to add:  wooden baskets are no longer available.
 Speaking of wooden baskets...
I have some unfinished ones left.
Not sure how many I have of each,
(probably at least 6 of each size)
but I thought I would see if anyone was interested.
You would supply your own design
on your own foundation fabric.
Each basket will include the basket and lid form,
all finishing instructions,
including finishing to give an antique look,
and how to attach your hooked mat.
Two sizes available...9x9 and 10x6.
$7.00 each and you pay actual shipping.

 As always, PayPal only, please.
Email me here if you're interested in something.

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